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In my own words

I was a very affectionate, playful young lady of only 12yrs old. I was diagnosed with parvovirus when I was a young pup and I survive it!! Then at 2 yrs old I was diagnosed with a somewhat rare disease known as Addison's and was brought back to life by the loving staff at West Deptford Animal Hospital. This means that my adrenal gland fails to produce any cortisol that my body needs, so I required cortisol shots once a month as well as bloodwork. Since then I have had several setbacks because my previous owner, although caring, was not able to afford my medications. Because of this , I now had additional issues such as kidney disease which require careful monitoring. My parents were not able to continue supporting me, so I lived with the loving staff at West Deptford Animal Hospital. Sometimes I would be a little uptight when I am in my cage but I loved playing with my new best friends Lord Biffingham and Shannon and Burleigh. I loved my sheep toy!! especially when I play fetch and I loved going for walks. I loved to greet people and tell them my story, so my new owners set up a fund for me and other animals just like me. This Fund will allow pups like me to find permanent foster homes and still get the medical treatment they need. When I turned 7yrs old I was fortunate to find my permanent foster home and now I had new roomates  and cool foster parents. What I loved the best was I was allowed to go to work everyday to meet new friends. Our new job site allowed  me to welcome kids and people young at heart to the Human-animal bond experience and reap the benefits of animal therapy.

The Human-Animal Bond

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