Hunter's Rescue

Hunter is a 5yr old wolf hybrid that was just rescued . He accidentally got out of the yard at his new home and was found several days later in terrible condition. Along with several wounds, he has a severe fracture of his right femur from several gun shot wounds. Bullets still remain in Hunter's leg and he will need extensive surgery to repair his wound and later the complete removal of his right eye. He is a gentle giant and he needs our support.

His progression

Hunter had surgery on 9/8/11 to repair his leg and to remove bullet fragments at Swedesboro animal hospital.

On 1/4/12 Hunter's pin was removed from his leg by Dr. Tomlinson and he is recovering well. 


Hunter had to find a new home because his owner no longer wanted to responsibility of his care. So we are asked anyone that knows a rescue organization please contact us  ASAP as Hunter was now under our care.


Lucky for Hunter the rescue we found was the rescue that had previously adopted him. They had no idea what Hunter was going through for the past year and agreed to his return. Hunter was returned to a Wolf rescue group in Jackson NJ, (Howling Farms)  and we wished him all the best.

Hunter and friends and a new home

We had the great opportunity to meet with Hunter and some of his new friends at Howling Woods. We also met with John Hunters new owner who also let Hunter visit us often.