Remembering Our Precious

Precious was the motivation & inspiration for our non-profit, 
The Precious Love Fund Charity.

Our Inspiration - Precious

Precious survived a Parvovirus diagnosis as a puppy.

Around 2 years old, she was then diagnosed with a some what rare condition for dogs, Addison's Disease. Her adrenal glands were failing to produce the cortisol that her body needed. Precious required cortisol shots once a month, along with blood  work. Dr. Tomlinson and staff helped Precious rally and get well once more. 

Although they loved her, Precious's owner was not able to afford her medications & frequent care needed... because of this , Precious developed additional issues such as kidney disease which required careful monitoring. Her owners were not able to continue supporting me, so Precious moved in with the loving staff at Dr. Tomlinson's veterinarian practice. 


Sweet Precious

Dr. Tomlinson & staff had always known Precious was sweet, but once living with them, it was obvious Precious was special. Precious loved other animals and had a silly, playful personality (how she loved playing fetch with her sheep toy). What she really loved though was to greet people and get treats & attention as the staff shared her story.

It was then that Dr. Tomlinson was inspired to start The Precious Love Fund charity for Precious and other animals just like her. This fund would allow pups like Precious to find permanent foster homes and get the medical treatment they need. With her sweet personality, Precious also became the "star" of the fund - going to events or welcoming guests at the animal hospital to promote the Animal-Human bond and educate on special needs.


At 7 years old, Precious was fortunate to find a permanent foster home with cool fur (& feathered) siblings and caring foster parents knowledgeable in the care she required. 

Precious was also allowed to go to work every day with her foster mom to meet new friends. There Precious was able to greet kids and people young at heart at the Human-Animal bond center. Precious also went to events to promote the benefits of animal therapy.

In August of 2018, Precious passed away just shy of 14 years old. This amazing dog overcame & survived so much! Her mission continues on with The Precious Love Fund and her memory & love live on in everyone that knew her.