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Shannon was a 3 yr old intact male American Pitbull Terrier that was abandoned at West Deptford Animal Hospital in NJ , after becoming severely ill.

Shannon had lost a significant amount of weight, approximately 20 lbs and was becoming weaker every day. After extensive testing he was diagnosed with juvenile lymphosarcoma. Although Shannon had lost a significant  amount of weight he was always bright and alert.  He melted our hearts daily as we discussed his options. Our final decision was then depended on his oncology consult. He was taken for a consult with Dr. Overley at CARES (Center for Animal Referral and Emergency Services) to determine his status and his chances of fighting CANCER.  He was a given the greenlight to start his chemotherapy on March 3rd and since then was doing very well. He had gained 12 lbs in 6 weeks and  looked forward to the warmer days so he can go outside and play with his best friend Precious.

Shannon went through 15 weeks of chemotherapy before he suddenly developed neurologic signs one day and within 2 hrs he became comatosed. We had to make the best decision for him and we had to say goodbye to shannon on 6/14/11. He gave us almost 7 mths of heart, determination and strength. He was a fighter and he will always encourage us to continue the fight against CANCER!

Shannon at early stage of remission


Shannon and Precious


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