Our Rescues



Cali  was adopted by an older woman before displaying high energy, high anxiety ... and possible seizures. She was scheduled to be euthanized. Now in our care, Cali is under evaluation, working on her "puppy in a big dog body" behavior and starting medication.

Our Rescues Pt 2



Diamond was rescued 04/2015 from a local shelter. She was said to be older & have cancer. After some initial testing and good, steady meals, Diamond began to put on weight. We are left to believe whoever surrendered Diamond to the shelter lied, saying she was old & sickly, to avoid getting in trouble for the horrible neglect Diamond must have been put through.



Daisy was a 13 yr old West Highland terrier mix that came to us because her 80 yr old owner could not take care of her anymore and was considering euthanasia . She was severely matted and had a large skin tag tumor on her side. Otherwise healthy, Daisy was given a second chance of life.



Josie was accidentally injured by her mom just after birth & her right paw had to be amputated. As a young pup, Josie did wear a prosthetic boot to help her balance and a carpal brace on her left for support. Josie is a very playful dog today and does not let her amputation keep her down.