PLF Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program


The Precious Love Fund offers a low cost spay/neuter program. Applications will be reviewed on a monthly basis, and approvals will be issued thereafter. Approvals are made by The Precious Love fund Board members only. Applicants may be asked to show proof of adoption from a shelter or a 501 (c) (3) organization unless application is directly from a shelter or rescue. Applicants will be notified of approval by phone. Therefore , a working phone is a must on each application. 


This program is specifically for canine males, feline males and feline females. We can provide you alternative options for canine females if you email us asking for these.

Application is below.

Application for Low Cost Spay/Neuter Program

Our application is below in two downloadable forms. 

Download, print and fill out. Then email or drop off to us for review.
Questions?  Contact us here: 

Precious Love Fund Spay Neuter App (pdf)


Precious Love Fund Spay Neuter App (docx)